Rental FAQ's

What do I need?

Your band director or teacher will let you know what accessories and books they would like you to have. We work closely with the band directors to make sure we have the items you need in stock.

Are the instruments new or used?

We have both available. New instrument rental rates are slightly higher. All instruments are subject to availability.

If I rent a used instrument can I purchase a new one?

Yes. In fact, your rental credit can always be applied to a new student or step up instrument of the same type. Many parents choose to purchase a step- up instrument that will be appropriate for high school, college or beyond. All of your rental credit can be applied to a step-up purchase.

How do I pay my rental payments?

Most of our customers choose to use our stress-free auto draft plan to make their monthly payment. Our accounting office can also send you a payment book. You can also call and make your payment over the phone by calling 615-790-6139. Payments should be mailed to Shuff's Music, 127 2nd Avenue North, Franklin, TN 37064.

Why do I need the Maintenance Plan?

For peace of mind! The maintenance plan is required on new instruments and optional on used ones. Having the maintenance plan will help insure that you won't have a repair bill if you return the instrument. Instruments often need adjustments and repairs even if the student is careful. The maintenance plan will cover the cost of all normal wear and tear repairs. Having the plan also means you get an instrument to use while yours is being repaired. Students usually have band everyday so it is important for them to have something to play. We try to complete repairs as quickly as possible but at busy times, they can take up to three weeks or more.

What if my child doesn't want to play anymore?

Sometimes playing music doesn't work out. If your child complains that the music is hard, maybe some private lessons would help. Please encourage your child to keep trying, practicing and getting better can make playing more fun. They will thank you in the future for your persistence. However, if nothing works you can always return the instrument to our store. Our contract is month to month.

We found a cheaper instrument. Can we return the rental?

Of course, but please be sure that you have your band director or teacher look at the instrument to make sure it's appropriate. An instrument that doesn't play well or won't stay in tune is very discouraging. The instrument may look the same but be made with cheap parts and be difficult to repair. Keep in mind that you are accruing credit with us and we may be able to find you an instrument that suits your budget.

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