The baritone is in the brass family. Like all brass instruments, sound is produced when the player’s vibrating lips “buzz” and cause the air column inside the instrument to vibrate. The baritone has valves like a trumpet but uses the same size mouthpiece as a trombone. The baritone plays a harmony part and is used in concert bands.

When renting or buying a baritone, it might seem that almost any baritone will work for a beginner, but that is not always true. It’s very important to start with a high quality instrument as the first few months are often the most critical and difficult. An instrument that won't play properly is a huge discouragement and source of frustration for any student.

This does not mean that a beginner has to have the finest or most expensive baritone, but they do need one that responds freely, has smooth valves and slides, plays in tune with the other instruments in the band, and can be repaired and adjusted as needed.

Shuff’s Music carries baritones of high quality brands like Jupiter, Bach, King, Conn and others. Click the link below to get started with your baritone rental. 

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